Jonathan Springmeyer
Jonathan Springmeyer, President

One of the questions we get asked frequently!

 Just what is it that you guy's do?

 Well, the short answer is that we do Economic Development and most of our clients are either a State or Local Government or a Private Business looking to grow.

Why is Economic Development Important?

The reasons are quite basic.  Economic development helps pay the bills.  A balanced, healthy economy is essential for community's well-being.  At its heart, economic development is about building healthy economies in order to build healthy communities.

What is Your Community's Economic Development Plan?

How well is your community doing and what does it need to support businesses located here and target new business recruits.

Does your community have a plan to:

  • Support large and small businesses here now?
  • Recruit new businesses to provide good paying jobs for its citizens?

Does your community have a plan to:

  • Maintain and improve infrastructure?
  • Grow its knowledge-based economy?

Does your community have a plan to ensure that future growth is consistent with maintaining quality of life?
Does your community have a long-term economic development vision and a plan to safeguard against projects that may be detrimental to that vision?
Does Your Community Have a Diverse Economic Base?

A diversified economic base helps expand the local economy and reduces a community's vulnerability to a single business sector.
Could your community recover from a dramatic shift in retail market conditions?
Could your community recover from the loss of a major employer?

Bonneville Research - Who we are and what we believe

Bonneville Research is a Utah based team of dedicated professionals committed to economic development through a holistic approach to community building.  We believe it is the connections between seemingly disparate segments of a community that form the strength and define the fabric of a neighborhood and a region.

Bonneville Research was not formed as a concept, but was born of necessity - the only way to realistically address these community issues of connectedness and diversity is through a concerted effort that involves all of the major, and minor, aspects of an economically viable and implementable projects.

Generally, communities have all the ingredients to become strong and attractive communities but this potential all too often remains dormant because of plans that have no real economic basis or community support.

Bonneville Research employs a proven process which includes planning, vision, skills building, and exclusionary neighborhood participation to realize neighborhood's full potential.

Bonneville Research believes in involving professionals who are passionate about their areas of expertise and believe that a truly sustainable community necessitates cross-disciplinary planning and communication.

This innovative teamwork approach is built upon flexible connections between the disciplines - each being responsive to changes made within another as the process advances. This integration of expertise is a defining characteristic of Bonneville Research, facilitating a comprehensive process that results in sustainable solutions.

Research, community building, conflict resolution, planning, marketing, design, infrastructure - are seamlessly coordinated to deal effectively with real-life issues.

Inclusiveness must be a proactive part of the process and may require skill building in the areas of cultural sensitivity and conflict resolution. Otherwise, the under-represented will not identify with the community, and those that are driving development will miss out on the significant contributions, both economic and social, that characterizes an inclusive neighborhood.

By taking a holistic approach all members are given voice and empowered to discover their own personal identity which becomes part of the community identity, strengthening, enlivening, and contributing - true community members and valued citizens.

It has become apparent to city dwellers throughout America that good cities are made, they just don't happen, and need a coordinated plan that includes the most important part of a community, its people, all that will be created is a façade that will not wear well over time.  Bonneville Research does not come in and define a community; we assist a community in finding its own identity.

If any of this sounds like something we can help with, please give us a call!

Jon Springmeyer

Bob Springmeyer