Jon Springmeyer, President
Jon Springmeyer, President, Bonneville ResearchSeptember 24, 2014:

It is my pleasure to announce that Jon Springmeyer has been promoted to President of Bonneville Research.
Jon has over 8 years of combined service as Vice President and Analyst at the regional economic and planning consulting firm. He brings with him over 20 of years of experience in operational management of leading public and private firms.
In his new role as President, Jon will oversee the firm's consulting services to state and local governments including economic analysis for real estate development, public-policy analysis, tourism and economic development.
Since its founding in 1976, Bonneville Research has assisted state and local governments find workable solutions and to establish quality and sustainable public policy. We often work with private developers and public agencies in assessing the future economics and outcomes of real estate projects, economic development plans and evaluate opportunities for public/private partnerships.
Bonneville Research offers a diverse array of economic analysis and tools to answer complex problems.
Jon will continue to work closely with company founder, Bob Springmeyer, who has moved to the position of Chairman.
Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Jon in his new role.

Robert Springmeyer, Chairman
Jonathan Springmeyer, President
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