Artists, Architects And Planners Re-Envision The Jordan River Parkway

Published July 07. 2019

Bob Springmeyer of Bonneville Research was part of a team lead by Steve Simmons of AJC Architects, and included Steve Gilbert of ArcSitio Design to win the Activation Award with the Live + Work + Recreate, a project that proposed - among other initiatives -a TRAX line intersect at Central Point Station.

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Economic prosperity

The Salt Lake area has enjoyed one of the most substantial periods of economic growth. However, the benefits of prosperity are not universally shared. In the River's Edge Area, 10,000 workers and 10,000 residents earn 1/3rd less than the County average.

How can we make sure the region's rising economic tide does more to lift all boats?

The Economic Prosperity Strategy identifies a comprehensive, three-pronged approach to providing greater economic mobility to low and moderate-wage workers in this area.  First, create transportation pathways that will give lower-wage workers and residents access to middle wage employment. Second, promote economic growth with an emphasis on middle-wage jobs and housing to ensure that there are sufficient opportunities for moving up. Moreover, Third, improve the quality of employment and economic conditions for lower wage workers and residents.

River's Edge Project Area (the general area from 9th west of Jordan River from US 201 South to Meadowbrook Expressway are:

  • 688 Businesses that Employ 10,087
  • 199 services businesses that employ 2,091
  • 72 manufacturing businesses that employ 1,573
  • 104 retail trade businesses that employ 1,562
  • 87 wholesale trade businesses that employ 1,410
  • 76 construction businesses that employ 907
  • 22 transportation businesses that employ 588
  • 34 finance, insurance, real estate businesses that employ 248
  • 18 government entities that employ 516
  • 9,991 Residents whose income is 33% below County average and 24% are 55 plus


  • Build 9th West Trolley Line intersecting with the S Line and Trax Red, Green and Blue Lines at Central Point Station
  • Enable 10,000 employees and 10,000 residents to commute to work without driving
  • Facilitate further and denser Commercial and Residential Development in River's Edge
  • Facilitate family and volunteer visitation to inmates of SL County and Oxbow Jails
  • Support tourism and local government, business and jobs
  • Increase local property values

How to Pay

  • Multi-Agency Tax Increment Financing